Drive Experience


Experience the exhilaration of absolute freedom at our drive experience. Drive up to a maximum speed of 200 km/h on the straight lengths, or negotiate winding roads in relative safety. Immerse yourself in the moment and experience the thrill of a motor car that is effortlessly powerful.

Instructors trained by the Rolls-Royce driving academy in Goodwood are on-site to offer exclusive, bespoke experiences on the best way to ride in, or drive, a Rolls-Royce. They will bring to life the legendary ‘magic carpet ride’ and help discerning individuals understand the phenomenal capabilities of a state-of-the-art, high performance Rolls-Royce motor car.



Take the unique opportunity to drive along the roads of Incheon in a selected Rolls-Royce model. Drink in the sights of the ultra-modern and metropolitan Songdo International City. Drive across the Incheon Bridge, both an architectural beauty and engineering marvel. Navigate the Songdo Central Park, a seaside park that is a green paradise found among the crowded skyscrapers in the city. In a Rolls-Royce, the sounds are clearer, the sights feel nearer and you are freer.

Go inside the living culture of Incheon, Korea. Encounter a liberating driving journey that will live long in your memory.

Acceleration & Braking Course